Delicious Burlesque @ Derby LIVE Assembly Rooms Derby 31st July 2010 - The UK's Greatest Burlesque Experience
Delicious Burlesque @ Derby LIVE Assembly Rooms Derby 31st July 2010 - The UK's Greatest Burlesque Experience
Delicious Burlesque @ Derby LIVE Assembly Rooms Derby 31st July 2010

Kittie Klaw © Michael Lau
Roxy Velvet Birdcage Show © Lucy McGarry
Beatrix Von Bourbon © Tas Kyprianou
Vicky Butterfly
Joe Black
Miss Pink & Fluffy © Sally Rose Photography
Mademoiselle Lili La Scala
Rosie Lugosi © Holly Fairclough
DJ Mikey Wong

The Bizarre Ball returns to London on June 5th 2010.

Delicious Stage Show 2010

Compèred & Hosted by Rosie Lugosi. Starring Natsumi Scarlett (aerial & ground performances + live musical accompaniment) + Kittie Klaw. With Roxy Velvet (aerial "Birdcage" routine), Beatrix Von Bourbon, Vicky Butterfly, Joe Black, Miss Pink & Fluffy, Mademoiselle Lili La Scala, (live operatic burlesque performances).The Stage-Show starts at 7pm with the Delicious Newcomers Competition Final.
The centrepiece of the Delicious event will be possibly one of the most diverse and biggest shows of its type in the country, devised and produced by UK "Cutting-Edge" burlesque promoters Heresy n Heelz. They have scoured the world to assemble an array of international and home-based artistes capable of demonstrating the rich diversity of the burlesque art-form at the highest level.

Our superbly equipped venue gives us the ability to offer you a rare opportunity to see possibly the most dramatic and breathtaking aerial shows in the world. The ground based shows feature a mixture of both traditional and neo-burlesque performances encompassing comic, cheesecake, en-pointe, fan-dancing and even live operatic performances. Stunning visuals will be combined with vocal performances, with state-of the art sound and light accompaniment, and all presented to you and hosted by two of the country's leading compères.

We do not believe a show of this diversity and scale has ever been staged in the UK, and we can promise that our guests will leave the night having been treated to some of the best performances they are ever likely to see. Every performer has been hand-picked for a particular skill, talent or signature routine, so prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride through the rich tapestry of performance art that is Burlesque..... Delicious just doesn't begin to describe what is in store!

Natsumi Scarlett (Aerial & Ground Performances)
Our International headline performer is Holland based Natsumi Scarlett, an avant-grade artiste who has performed burlesque and cabaret all over mainland Europe and the UK. She is a trained dancer, ballerina and circus performer who has coupled dance skills with her outstanding aerial abilities, to develop unique, fast-paced and theatrically dramatic burlesque shows that leave her audience in awe and at times moved to tears.

Natsumi has performed at the highest level, with shows at the Rome, Amsterdam & London Burlesque Festivals, residencies at Burlesque Freakout Amsterdam and numerous other European and UK events including Heresy n Heelz. Her performances encompass elements of both traditional burlesque, multi-disciplinary dance, aerial ribbon work, fire, tricks of illusion and even angle grinding, so you can be assured that this performer is well worthy of the main headline billing at this prestigious show.

Kittie Klaw -
A dainty heroine of derring-do, Kittie re-imagines the highest epoch of British burlesque theatre. With beautiful, provocative satire for 21st century senses she awakens a forgotten and loved tradition. Founding member of the infamous Ministry of Burlesque and lauded as 'Queen', 'leader', 'captain', 'authority', 'major force' and even 'founder of the UK burlesque renaissance' itself, she is a unique and sought after specialist. A bel(le) esprit (and pundit of puns), she is a quirky Writer of flowing prose, whimsical philosophy and satirical sketches - often noted for her epigrammatic skill. She is an Impresario with a flair for ‘historical chic’ and ‘visual puns’ producing innovative sell-out shows winning critical acclaim. Having also achieved enviable notoriety* (quite by accident of course) as an international Performer and Muse of considerable derring-do, she can be engaged to make a Spectacle of herself for discerning patrons

"Captain of her genre and an asset to heroines; she is a committed, diligent writer and sparkling storyteller." - Karen Gregor, Producer BBC R4

"Totally Hilarious" - Ben Elton

"The doyenne of feline femininity - that is the ever-so-charming Kittie Klaw. As Britannia, she puts her own twist on the pomp and pageantry of the days of Empire, Her Majesty would be proud." - Henry Northmore, The List

"Visionary. Her shows are an elegant masquerade of the past and an homage to taste and irony." - La Repubblica Delle Donne, Italy

"Kittie Klaw is the beating heart of the British burlesque scene. A performer in the classical tradition, Kittie updates the glorious traditions of the British burlesque and makes them her own. Without her, the British burlesque scene would be a much duller, less focused, and much less glamorous place!" - David McComb, Editor - Bizarre Magazine.

Roxy Velvet (Aerial Birdcage Show)
Our second aerial specialist Roxy Velvet is a true blue vaudevillian darling. Love child of one-time east end speakeasy, The Velvet Tipped Saloon, an acclaimed and diversely accomplished performance artist and director. Originally trained in the fine arts and drawing on a ten year acquisition of performance skill, Ms Velvet delivers aesthetically polished and fabulously glamorous stage shows. Reminiscent of a latter-day calendar girl, her stage persona combines disarmingly seductive attributes with old-fashioned poise.

Roxy Velvet has a vast array of fabulous costumes and props, most notably her Birdcage, a custom-built 11ft high birdcage with an integrated aerial rig which will be one of the centre-pieces of the Delicious show. This visually stunning prop combined with Roxy’s passion for sartorial sparkle creates an enchanting and nostalgic interpretation of burlesque. She is recognised for her skill with fire manipulation, magic, aerial hoop and fan dancing and regularly performs en pointe. As well as making headlining appearances at award Ceremonies such as Kerrang! and corporate parties, such as The Carphone Warehouse Carnival. Roxy Velvet successfully holds two London based nights. Her supper club, Love on the Rox is Volupte’s highest selling monthly night. The other, Head Over Heels, is a cheeky avant-garde revue of which she is founder and director.

Roxy Velvet has acquired enviable recognition for her extensive repertoire. She has been interviewed by Bizarre Magazine, Time Out Magazine, London Lite, Alternative Magazine, G3, Venue Magazine, GoreZone, Diva and Subversion Magazine in the last 18 months. She has also been profiled by Current TV for the forthcoming Sex and Money series and regularly presents for Don't Panic TV.

Beatrix Von Bourbon
Beatrix Von Bourbon (London, UK) is a rare burlesque talent: She’s a tattooed philosopher with a fragile heart and a dark imagination. Unafraid of exploring new artistic territory, she branches away from the "vintage" burlesque aesthetic, and instead puts forward vogue themes and imagery (eg. contemporary fetish footwear), wrapping them in timeless narratives and stylings (eg. the burlesque fan dance). She offers costumes and visuals ranging from multi-textured delights in glitter, sequins, petals and feathers through to shimmering snow-princesses and twisted tooth fairies.

Winner of "Best Newcomer" - Ministry of Burlesque 2007

Voted one of the top TEN worldwide burlesque artists of 2009 by readers of 21st Century Pin-Ups

"Basically, the best burlesque dancer in the entirety of London." - Jeff Leach, TV Presenter (E4, BBC3…)

"[J]aw-droppingly beautiful performance" - Burlesque Magazine

"The highlight for gentlemen has got to be the fabulous finale act by Beatrix Von Bourbon, where she creates a snow covered winter wonderland in the height of summer." -

"Beatrix Von Bourbon’s winter act nearly made me cry" - Diva Hollywood for 21st Century Pin-Ups

Vicky Butterfly
"Part Burlesque starlet, part innovative performance artiste, part music hall Vaudevillian, and all dreamer. But don’t be fooled by her impish allure - Vicky Butterfly’s elegant, classic style comes with a twist. The daughter of an Irish showgirl and an eccentric Viennese aristocrat, her shows reflect her unusual background, with clouds of butterflies that fly out from her clothes as she hovers en Pointe. True to the original spirit of Burlesque and Vaudeville, her beautifully choreographed routines take in everything from the ethereal, the breath-taking and the beautiful to the macabre and the comic: with influences including everyone from Anita Berber and Loie Fuller to Rita Hayworth and Maya Deren, taking in everything from the Pre-Raphaelites and French literature to Surrealism and more along the way.

Fusing old-school glamour with even older-school strangeness as well as an up-to-date sense of fun and professional versatility: her performance background includes ballet (she frequently performs en pointe), tap, circus (aerial hoop), acting and even opera.

Always in demand internationally, she has an enviable roster of clients (including Beefeater Gin, Roberto Cavalli and the Paris Ritz), sparkling reviews and can frequently be seen gracing the pages of the world's magazines, dancing her way through music videos and stadium projections by top bands (including The Verve, Kings of Leon and Paul Weller) and adding her unique style to film-sets as far away as Bollywood! As well as having all the style of Hollywood's Golden Age or a Victorian ingénue she is also clever with a mischievous sense of humour. As such, she is currently collaborating on a book - on Carnys, no less.

Not only is Vicky a classic beauty with a true vintage look and an all natural 34-22-34 figure, but her skills as a trained costumier (honed during a degree at Central Saint Martins) ensure a range of spectacular and unique costumes and corsetry. As an avid collector, her wardrobe is a museum of eclecticism and contains almost 1000 pieces of original vintage.

"Miss Vicky Butterfly is lush. She has the extraordinary curves, the bee-waist and ripe thighs of a Regency poule de luxe crossed with a Bettie Page vixen's face... all of us at the table, irrespective of gender, have developed minor crushes and we watch mesmerised as the butterflies that cover her pearly bosom flutter off on to the floor... making delicious little moues, she engages us in flirtatious eye-contact: when the peacock feathers waft from Miss Vicky's body during her Peacock Lament, it doesn't matter if you temporarily lose the ability to wield cutlery. But we had fun. Whoop whoop and hell, yeah." - Marina O'Loughlin, the London Metro

"…wittily deadpan…(her) way with feathers gave me faith in burlesque." -Time Out "...notable as a real innovator, lacing her costumes and routines with a bewitching dose of fairy-tale surrealism that stands her sharply apart from the crowd." - The Metro

"Already threatening to achieve legendary diva status, this classic, mysterious siren is leaving us breathless." - Bizarre Magazine

Joe Black -
The neo-vaudevillian, the real life Disney villain, the gin-addled courtesan, the anti-christ of cabaret and the one and only waltzing cynic…Eccentric to international stages, Joe Black takes to shows in an almost cartoon-esque theatrical assault, sweeping the audiences through an array of show tunes, ballads, and a rather varied but fine selection of morally questionable entertainment.

Though seemingly unable to fit into any particular category, Joe Black has none the less defied description and taken to the world's stages - A glass of wine in one hand, and an utterly ridiculous and inappropriate prop in the other. Joe Black, or Mister Black, if you’d prefer, is no stranger to the ridiculous, the sometimes disturbing, or the downright shocking world of entertainment. Regularly treading the boards of the sell out sensation that is the world's biggest fetish club Torture Garden, and a stream of shows up and down the UK and Europe. Joe Black is well travelled, and well endowed (or so he says!), from the smokey underground clubs of Paris, to the dimly lit cabarets of Berlin, even to the gloriously esteemed historical treasure that is the British library…

This vaudevillian villain, whichever part he may be playing - Whether master of ceremonies, singer, dancer or actor….Joe Black is ready to give you a show, that years of therapy couldn’t even help you forget. We’re very concerned…

"Dedicated, sweet-natured and uniquely gifted, Black is the new black" - Bizarre Magazine

"Neo-Cabaret sensation" - Dusty Limits, KUNST

"Defies description but ticks every box" - Kittie Klaw, Founder Of The Ministry Of Burlesque

"Like a dark musical. Rah rah!" - Paloma Faith "Theatrical, funny and never afraid to cross the boundaries of good taste" - Matt Merritt,

"Expect to be immensely entertained!" - Devolution Magazine

"The darkest star in cabaret" - Bizarre Magazine

Miss Pink & Fluffy
Miss Pink & Fluffy is a Neo-Burlesque Performance Artiste specialising in adding a modern twist to Traditional Burlesque. Her style has become synonymous with theatrical expression, vintage style, with a little vaudeville backed up by elaborate props and intricate themes. Her performance style has recently been defined as "Twisted Cheesecake" Her routines generally follow an on-going theme based around the adventures of "Miss Pink & Fluffy", combining story telling with character burlesque usually with a mildly risqué, fetish or comic twist and combines all the elements of traditional burlesque with skills such as fan dancing & ribbon twirling. Her wardrobe is a combination of ultra-feminine glamour with vintage style, beautiful corsetry, fully fashioned seamed stockings and her signature sky high heels.

"...She brings a fine eye for detail to her acts – which are extravagantly and sumptuously staged. From the trolley of kinky delights with which she tantalises and teases the audience in 'Fly Fluffy' to the beautifully wrought stiletto-heeled shoe on which she perches pertly in 'Hi! Heelz'. She's a cheeky, peachy delight for lovers of kink, seamed stockings, and all things glamorous." ~ Rosie Lugosi : Promoter, Poet, Writer, Singer, Compere, Comedienne.

Miss Pink & Fluffy does live up to her name. She is very Pink and Fluffy when she takes the stage, to deliver a comical Burlesque/Fetish Performance with some twisted Cheese Cake elements! With her fun stage props and lovely little outfits, she will tease you until you have gone Pink and Fluffy! ~ 'The Vivid Angel', International Burlesque/Twisted Cabaret performer.

"... Miss Pink 'n' Fluffy never fails to impress - her costumes, props and routines are all superbly combined to give a truly professional performance. She has undoubtedly been a major contributing factor to the success of our nights, and is recommended to any burlesque night looking for a headline performer..." ~ Malcolm Evans, Promoter, Bump 'n' Grindhouse, Cambridge.

“A polished performer with an aptitude for slick, well constructed acts - and a pleasure to work with.” Kittie Klaw, Ministry of Burlesque

Mademoiselle Lili La Scala (Live operatic performances)
Our second International performer currently resident in New Zealand, Mademoiselle Lili la Scala is the stuff legends are made of. Let this little lady draw you in to her entrancing world. Originally from London, this diminutive songbird has been delighting audiences worldwide with her unique and quirky style of opera.

A devotee of the vintage glamour-puss image, Mademoiselle Lili is the epitome of pin-up girl chic with her doll-like figure and her long raven locks. Let her beguile and seduce you with her nightingale-like tones, with a beautifully unique mixture of opera and burlesque.

Compère/Hostess - Rosie Lugosi
'Greetings Mortals... I do hope you're all sitting uncomfortably...' So begins another evening of vampiric delight with Rosie Lugosi, the Lesbian Vampire Queen.

Rosie has an eclectic performance history, ranging from singing in legendary 80s goth band The March Violets to her current incarnation as Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen. Rosie Lugosi is a riveting cabaret chanteuse, a flamboyant performer and electrifying writer, a renowned poet, singer, comedienne and your hostess for the evening.....

"A truly unique performer and one that straddles the literature, SM and queercore scenes with ease." - Designer Magazine

‘one of the country’s finest performance poets’ (Apples and Snakes)

‘a must-see act’ (The Fed)

'The legendary vampire queen’ (City Life)

DJ Mikey Wong
Mikey Wong is an enthusiast of traditional and neo styles of a mixture of musical genres that represent some of the "golden ages" of burlesque. He plays tunes from the 40s through to modern day revivalist styles, but is probably best known for his up-tempo rockabilly and psychobilly. He is regularly to be seen and heard at events all over the UK, and will be providing both background and main dancefloor music for the whole Delicious event.

Live Band - The Boners
The Leicester based "Boners" are Spike, Houdi, Yorks and Mikky bam bam. They've been together for about 2 years though Yorkie and Spike recorded together a long time ago on the Northwood label, they were called The Incurable then and had the good fortune to have the first Incurable album engineered by Boz Boorer the ex Polecat and more recently Morrissey's left hand man. Houdi came from a rock background but found The Stray Cats and "saw the Light". He plays a Gretch with serious attitude and could probably teach Setzer a thing or two. Yorks felt the calling again a couple of years ago and bought himself a double bass so he could keep his slapping hand in. Him and Houdi started jamming at the local clubhouse and were soon joined by Spike then spice who has now served his time and moved on to his own project. Mikky is the latest member to join, taking the great spices role on drums and bringing his own voodoo speedfreak kit and stlye to the frontline of boner psychosis who earned the name bam bam after his first boner gig at Karns in Hinkley, Leicester - he comes from the red sharks and a long line of punk and rockin bands and has problems staying calm behind a kit. Spike was with a band called Rocket 3, a band which played a lot of biker venues in the early 90s.

All the boys have an interest in building custom bikes and Hot Rods. The live act is a riot of full on rockabilly with a good pinch of rhythm and blues. They've been described by a rock journo recently as a cross between The Stray Cats and Doctor Feelgood. Just recorded a live album engineered by Gren, a guy instrumental in a lot of Kasabians work.... The plan is to make a studio album of original material ready for release summer 2010.

The Boners will be performing live on the Great Hall stage to end your evening....


Live Band - Rip It Up
These boys are seasoned pro's and play a mixture of old rock n roll tunes with some rockabilly. They are set to get you off your seat and dancing.


Live Band - Ryan Lauder
Ryan Lauder originally hails from the small town of Dumfries in South West Scotland. He has been writing songs since he picked up his first guitar at the age of 15. Now living in England he plays up and down the country and has supported the likes of country legend Kinky Freidman,Manchester group I Am Kloot, and young troubadour Johnny Flynn. Most recently he was invited on to Starsailor's "All The Plans Tour" which saw him play venues such as Liverpool's Carling Academy and the Wulfrin Hall in Wolverhampton. With an admiration of Americana he blends old influences with new and his set ranges from quiet finger picking folk numbers to high energy bluesy jams.

31st July 2010 @ Derby LIVE Assembly Rooms
Delicious Burlesque @ Derby LIVE, Assembly Rooms 31 July 2010

Natsumi Scarlett
Natsumi Scarlett
Kittie Klaw © Tas Kyprianou
Roxy Velvet Snow Globe © Jessica Dobbs
Beatrix Von Bourbon © TomMac Photography
Vicky Butterfly
Joe Black
Miss Pink & Fluffy © Sally Rose Photography
Mademoiselle Lili La Scala
Rosie Lugosi © Karl Bright
The Boners



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